Our guest for Episode 6 is Matt Conner, music journalist and co-founder of Analogue.io, a site for music recommendations, artist interviews, and deep-diving essays.

We talk about pretending to know The Replacements, how to find new music when Pitchfork can’t even keep up, and Julien Baker takes us to church.

Matt has interviewed over 2,000 artists in the last two decades and while writing for Paste, Billboard, Relevant, Under The Radar and more.


Be on the lookout for Matt’s new podcast called The Resistance.

Songs reviewed in this episode:

The Replacements – Here Comes A Regular

Julien Baker – Something

Julien Baker – Go Home

Julien Baker – Rejoice

Julien Baker – Appointments

Youth Lagoon – Again

Music video for Film It All by Trevor Powers

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